What is Citizen Engagement?

Citizen engagement is a two-way interaction between citizens and the AU that specifically gives people a voice and recognition in the AU’s decision-making processes. Citizen engagement is about ownership, participation, inclusion, empowerment and collaborative action. It is about giving citizens the credit and platform to solve problems as they have the knowledge and day-to-day experiences to provide context specific information that might not otherwise be readily available

Levels of Interaction





  • In the first level under ‘inform’ – citizens are provided with balanced and accurate information to assist them in understanding the issues at hand.

  • At the second level, ‘consult’- here, citizen feedback is obtained on the analysis or policy positions of Agenda 2063.

  • The third level relates to citizen engagement as ‘collaboration’. This is a higher level of engagement of citizens where they are enlisted to partner with the African Union – for example, in the design, implementation or monitoring of the Agenda 2063 investments, projects and programs.

  • The fourth level of engagement is the ‘empowerment’ of citizens. At the level of empowerment, citizens’ decisions would be final. This may be implemented through Agenda 2063 projects designed to be citizen-led and citizen implemented.

Engagement Features

Empowering citizens through innovative tools and interactive features for meaningful engagement

Share your opinion

Participate on surveys and have your say on engagements

Post an idea

Ability to like, comment, follow individual proposals and be part of the solution by posting the same

Share feedback

Support to collaborate on documents using direct editing, annotation, commenting, rating, and sharing capabilities

Sign-up for events

Get an opportunity to register and participate in events/ meetings

Ask a question

Post questions directly to an engagement and get feedback

Chat Forums
Engage in conversations

Post comments to engagements and participate in forums

The Citizen Engagement Platform CEP main objective is to ensure participation of African citizens in policymaking processes through the provision of access to information as well as facilitating opportunities for interaction, exchanges and ultimately co-creation of solutions and ideas with policymakers through digital and non-digital approaches towards the attainment of Agenda 2063.



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